About iTherapist

iTherapist is a multifunctional application that is designed to make the life of its users as easy as possible, wether you are a physical therapy student, a practitioner or if you are looking to order a physiotherapist to be treated at the comfort of your home. The first part of the application is designed to help students and practitioners by providing them with high quality, evidence based articles that summarize all that they need to know to assess and treat patients. The second part, is designed in a way for you to be able to pick and order a physical therapist based on their past experience, field of speciality or their rating. And finally, the last part includes a wide range of lifestyle advice from medical professionals that targets the most common misconceptions and mistakes that could be detrimental to your health

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Our Story

It all began when we started our final year of schooling, we quickly realized the bitter truth of what private physiotherapy is like. No quality control or accountability, no proper equipments were used, unfair pricing, and to make it all worse patients weren’t getting better. That’s when we got the idea to come up with a system to hold everyone accountable, to ensure the best quality of service, to give the patient a choice and a voice and most importantly a place to feel safe. iTherapist encompasses all of that and more. We not only found a way to fix the problem, we have gone far and beyond to make this application accessible for students, practitioners, patients and your average person.